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T.I.M.E Kids Pre-School

Children of the ages between 18 months and 6 years are extremely receptive. T.I.M.E. Kids pre-schools' fun-filled programme makes the most of this by encouraging the children to understand and develop basic language skills while also developing social skills, gross and fine motor skills and creativity at the same time, through songs, music and imaginative play. At T.I.M.E. Kids preschools, we strongly believe that each child is a unique person and imbibes social, physical and intellectual behaviour over a period of time


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T.I.M.E Kids Pre-School Address

Address 95B, Second Floor, Siddamsetty Complex, Parklane, Secunderabad

T.I.M.E Kids Pre-School Contact Number

Contact No. 40088300

Email Id

Country State City India, Telangana, Nizamabad


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